You really can change the world if you care enough ~ Marian Wright Edelman

About the people

Becoming a mother is the most amazing, life-changing experience. We put our heads together to devise this nourishing dish to support mothers going through the same journey.   

As food for the heart, it is as delicious as it is nutritious, and aims to feed the soul of your growing family.


  • a couple of thirty-something mothers
  • a strong and balanced blend of professional training, skills and experience
  • a growing brood of pink cheeked, happy children
  • a shared love and respect for our earth
  • goodwill to celebrate everyone’s pregnancy experience
  • time, wine, good food, laughter
  • co-operation


  • combine the mothers, skills, children, love, respect and goodwill (note: the differing flavours of the mothers complement each other, leading to a more expansive taste)
  • allow to simmer with quality time together, wine on hand (optional), cooking while the children play
  • add laughter
  • season liberally with co-operation to further the BaoBag mission e.g. one babysits, while the other works

Serve, with love, to expectant mothers.

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