10 Questions: An interview with Chemical Maze author Bill Statham

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In BaoBag's very first interview, we are thrilled to be chatting with Chemical Maze author Bill Statham. We hope you love getting to know a little more about our wonderful BaoBag partners. No doubt you find this interview delightful, enlightening, real and inspiring. 

1. Our BaoBag newsletter is called “Small Steps”. What’s one suggestion you have for making a “small step” to living more healthily and/or sustainably? 

Lessen our chemical exposure by eating fewer processed foods and more organic produce; use fewer cosmetic and personal care products and source those using mainly certified organic ingredients; simplify cleaning around the house by using white vinegar, baking soda and tea tree oil.

Live life simply, and simply…live life.

2. A treasured childhood memory.

Sitting at night on the veranda of the house on the farm I grew up on in rural Queensland, awestruck by the majestic displays of nature as lightening forked across the sky overhead.

3. What’s one piece of advice you would give your younger self? 

Don’t take life so seriously and learn to 'listen' to the silence. There is more meaning in silence than all the words ever spoken.

4. Favourite go-to healthy snack/meal when in a hurry.

Home-made muesli bars…yum.

5. Finish this sentence – I (usually) start the day by……….

Dare I say it…having a cup of coffee (made from organic coffee beans mind).

6. Tell us about a defining moment in your life.

There have been several. The most profound occurred from February 1994 to about July 1995. During this period I went through a 'crisis of consciousness'. Without being too melodramatic, this came down to basically surviving from moment to moment. Everything I believed in was called into question and my whole world was turned upside down and inside out. Needless to say I survived this 'soul awakening' and my life took on a whole new meaning.

7. What is your most treasured (material) possession and why?

This is a difficult question for me to answer. Although I am surrounded by material possessions, I can honestly say that I do not ‘treasure’ any of them. In fact, many of them I see as ‘necessary burdens’, especially when it comes to moving house.

8. If there were one thing you could learn to do that you haven’t already, what would it be? (eg play a musical instrument, sport, hobby etc)

I have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument…well.  I say well because I have attempted to learn the piano, guitar and piano accordion, but never had the patience to continue until I had become proficient.

9. What was your inspiration to write the Chemical Maze?

When I was a practicing homeopath, I wrote The Chemical Maze to enable my patients to quickly and easily identify (and therefore avoid) those food additives and cosmetic ingredients that may be causing or contributing to their health problems.

10. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Whenever I find myself getting too serious about life (see No. 3) I take some time out to watch something seriously funny...like "Just for Laughs" on YouTube.

To learn more and buy your copy of The Chemical Maze book or smart phone app go to http://www.chemicalmaze.com/


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