When the trampoline isn’t fun anymore…

Sonia WalkerMay 28th, 2014  |   () comments

It's probably not something you want to think about, but a lot of women do find that after childbirth they can experience some bladder leaks. Sneezing, coughing, and starjumps can suddenly become a tenuous situation. And joining the kids on the trampoline requires a lot of concentration! 

It's not something to get alarmed about - pelvic floor exercises can help sort the issue - but if symptoms persist it's definitely worth talking to your GP or contact the Continence Foundation of Australia for information.

You might also like to know that if you need to use a bladder weakness liner or pad for a while, there is a range on the market which feature a very comfortable, chemical free natural cotton coversheet. They're called Comforts and they're from the makers of Cottons. Go to www.comforts.com.au for more information. But you can buy them at some Priceline stores and other specialists, or (discreetly!) through Cottons online shop at www.cottonsshop.com.

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Maybe something to tuck away in the back of your mind, in case you need the info later?

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