Arabella + Autumn

Arabella Autumn - Universe Teething Stacker White

We love items that have multi-purpose and this gorgeous handmade stacker doesn’t disappoint. Firstly, it is an object of quality craft and is an object of art that wouldn’t look out of place in any home. Secondly, it’s a stacker which helps with hand-eye coordination and later allows for size and pattern recognition. And thirdly, it has rings made of silicon to satisfy every teething baby and toddler.


Our Universe Teething Stacker is not only perfect for babies but is also a fabulous educational toy for toddlers! Consisting of a gorgeous handmade timber stand and six independently safety tested teething toys it is guaranteed to be one of the safest stackers on the market. Your baby will enjoy a multitude of sensory textures to grasp and explore on the silicone and beechwood teething rings.

They will love stacking and unstacking and exploring the endless possibilities the Universe Teething Stacker brings. The whole family can join in a game of quoits or counting!

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