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A calming cleanse, leaving you with that 'just stepped out of a day spa' feeling - toned, relaxed and refreshed.

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Hold softly over your face for a moment then gently wipe away makeup & impurities.

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Nour avatar Nour NSW Mum of None
October 28, 2019
I like it it make the skin softer
Erica avatar Erica Vic Mum of 1
October 29, 2019
It’s very good for sensitive and delicate skin.
Therese avatar Therese NSW Mum of 1
October 30, 2019
Great product I already use. Reliable brand
Cara avatar Cara NSW Mum of 1
October 30, 2019
Perfect for a freshen up with these warmer days we’re having
Jessica  avatar Jessica NSW Mum of 1
October 30, 2019
A nice pamper product
Zoe avatar Zoe NSW Mum of 1
October 30, 2019
Love the clean, fresh feeling without drying out my skin
Kylie avatar Kylie NSW Mum of 3
November 1, 2019
These should be pushed to use on kids faces as well. Normal wipes burn, even the non soap fancy ones. These are nice. A bit drying, but i expect that from a wipe
Sarah avatar Sarah NSW Mum of 2
November 2, 2019
Quick and easy to use - not too much moisture. Cleaned face. Did what the product said it would.
Kath avatar Kath NSW Mum of 2
November 4, 2019
Great for makeup removal!
Rio avatar Rio NSW Mum of 2
November 4, 2019
Need to be more moist

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