All life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied to a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. ~ Martin Luther King Jr

About the logo

Stories and legends surround the ancient and mighty baobab tree. Over time it has been respected as ‘tree of life’, ‘mother’ and ‘protector’. In some cultures, the sacred baobab is worshipped as a symbol of fertility.

In the harsh environments where it grows, the baobab provides life-giving shelter, water, food and medicine. It supports an entire ecosystem, birds make their homes in the hollows, bush babies and fruit bats drink from its flowers, many are nourished and healed by the baobab’s leaves and fruit and share refuge in its great trunk and branches.

The baobab has a long history with the Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia. Drawing on traditional knowledge, women used the ‘boab’ both for nourishment and for symptom relief during pregnancy. When her time came, the Aboriginal woman would labour and deliver her baby beneath the boab’s branches. Her baby’s journey to strong and tall adulthood was symbolised by burying the placenta deep within the bowels of the tree.

There is an Australian legend to explain the bizarre “upside down tree”: The boab was once a magnificent and proud tree that delighted in boasting about its beauty and usefulness to the other less graceful plants. The other trees complained and the gods grew tired of listening to the boab. They punished the arrogant tree by uprooting it and planting it upside down, so the roots grew upwards and the branches spread down into the earth.

Our logo combines a series of elements living in harmony within the tree - from the delicate wildflowers within its body, to the bird nesting in its branches.

The most common shape in nature - the spiral - rests in the womb of our baobab. It represents the goddess, fertility and the feminine serpent force, symbolic of our spiritual evolution. It reflects the ongoing cycles of life, growth and change. Although each loop returns us to the same place, we progress and find ourselves changed and enlightened.

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