The BaoBag celebrates your beautiful miracle

What is BaoBag?

Reflecting the generous spirit and life-giving properties of the Baobab tree, the BaoBag is the gift of a beautiful, reusable calico bag. It is filled with useful products to nurture women on their journeys through pregnancy and birth and beyond. These are provided as a gift through participating pre & post partem healthcare providers. You can also order a deluxe version of the Baobag online to be sent direct to your door through the BaoBag Shop.

May you live well...happily ever after!

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About Baobag

The BaoBab tree

Stories and legends surround the ancient and mighty baobab tree. Over time it has been respected as ‘tree of life’, ‘mother’ and ‘protector’. In some cultures, the sacred baobab is worshipped as a symbol of fertility.

In the harsh environments where it grows, the baobab provides life-giving shelter, water, food and medicine. It supports an entire ecosystem, birds make their homes in the hollows, bush babies and fruit bats drink from its flowers, many are nourished and healed by the baobab’s leaves and fruit and share refuge in its great trunk and branches.

The baobab has a long history with the Aboriginal peoples of northern Australia. Drawing on traditional knowledge, women used the ‘boab’ both for nourishment and for symptom relief during pregnancy. When her time came, the Aboriginal woman would labour and deliver her baby beneath the boab’s branches. Her baby’s journey to strong and tall adulthood was symbolised by burying the placenta deep within the bowels of the tree.

Our logo combines a series of elements living in harmony within the tree - from the delicate wildflowers within its body, to the bird nesting in its branches.

Our mission

To nuture parents through their parenting journey

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The BaoBag is provided as a free gift to new Mums through private hospitals when they give birth, or otherwise through obstetricians and other practitioners specialising in pre and post natal care. Most major metropolitan regions are represented with an increasing number of regional centres as well. Click on the map below to find a distributor near you, or otherwise enter your location or practitioner name in the search bar above. Our distribution list is always growing... so if we're not in a centre near you yet please check back again soon!


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