Arabella + Autumn

Arabella + Autumn Australian Animals Memory Game

We love to teach little ones all about our native wildlife and this Australian version of the animals memory game does just that whilst also being super stylish. This is also an ideal gift for overseas loved ones...if you can (koala) bear to part with it!


The A + A Animal Memory Game was designed to create a beautiful timber option to the regular card or device memory games. No more torn or damaged cards or kid’s sitting with an iPad with these lovely timber discs.

Each set consists of 8 different animals - 16 discs in total. They are the perfect size for little hands and are a wonderful educational tool to test and train memory as well as encouraging children to learn animal names.

Australian Animals consist of koala, kangaroo, emu, dingo, cockatoo, bilby, tasmanian devil and wombat.

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