Canned food - are you getting more than you paid for?

Pamela QuaneMarch 28th, 2012  |   () comments

BPA – so you’ve heard of it, right? The nickname given to that horrible chemical, bisphenol-A. This stuff’s bad. Real bad. It mucks with your hormones (you can read more about that horror story here).

And use of BPA has come at a very high price. It is now so prevalent in the environment that tests commissioned by the EWG in 2009 showed it is now being detected in the umbilical cord blood of 9 out of 10 American newborns. Yet still industry and scientists argue over “safe limits”. Seriously? It’s not safe. End of discussion. 

So when a few years back drink bottles (including those for babies) all began to proudly proclaim that they no longer contained BPA, there was a collective sigh of relief. Something had been done to protect us!

But did you know we’re still getting a fair whack of this stuff? Check out this study conducted by Choice on BPA in canned foods. I’d been very diligently replacing drink bottles to ensure that we didn’t have any with BPA. Yet I didn’t realise the lining of many of those cans of food sitting in my pantry were full of the stuff. And it doesn't just stay in the can. It leaches into the food we then eat and give our families.

So what are the options? Choose fresh food over canned if possible. Look at other packaging types such as glass (the lids however, may have BPA lining, but that's got to be far less than a whole can). And keep an eye out for brands of canned food that are BPA-free. Do you know of any? Please - share the good news. 

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