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We are a company that makes very expensive prams!

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we are bugaboo

Mobility is our thing.

We spend all day thinking about it.

The obstacles, the challenges.

The things that hold us back.

We obsess over the details.

Sweat the small stuff.

Build, test and start all over again.

It’s a process and a quest for mechanical perfection.

We believe in an easier stroll, and effortless turn, a freer spirit.

Something which feels a lot more downhill.

Where you can move without anything holding you back,

So you can get from A to B and all the other letters in the alphabet.

At your own pace, in your own time.

Free to move wherever you want to.

nothing like a Bugaboo®


Hayley avatar Hayley NSW
October 26, 2019
We purchased the Bugaboo Cameleon. It's wonderfully light and steers beautifully but is a little too big for our compact inner city lifestyle. Many of the footpaths in our local area are too narrow for the Camelon to fit through, which forces us to take our precious cargo into the street. We didn't quite know what to do or get as first time parents, in retrospect the Bee would have been a better choice.
Shan avatar Shan WA, 3 kids in tow
October 24, 2019
Great quality and perfect for tight spaces
Michelle avatar Michelle VIC
October 24, 2019
I have the Bugaboo fox classic & it’s amazing. So light and easy to use. By far the best pram on the market. Would love to have a second one for my parents house
Petra avatar Petra NSW
October 20, 2019
Just love this product - versatile, stylish and durable!

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