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By mothers, for mothers. The gift of food is the gift of love.

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The Dinner Ladies would love to take care of you with some of their home-cooked dinners, delivered to your door. They cook for you the way they do for their own families - with love, from scratch, using great ingredients and no rubbish. It's food that will look after and nourish you, while you look after and nourish your new baby.

Marta avatar Marta NSW
January 19, 2020
Great variety and delicious
Sam avatar Sam NSW, 2 kids in tow
January 17, 2020
This company is so convenient for new mums or families that don’t have as much time to prepare fresh healthy meals plus the meals are so yummy. I received this as a present for my baby shower with my first born and it was the best present I received
Ingrid  avatar Ingrid ACT, 2 kids in tow
January 12, 2020
Excellent looking product which I was not aware of and I intend to try their meals as soon as I’m discharged home from hospital. Website has some glitches though and won’t always let you navigate where you want or just won’t open certain pages so this limits ability to reliably use the website.
Haanim avatar Haanim NSW, 1 kid in tow
January 10, 2020
Great website and explanation of the food, can’t wait to try this with the voucher once our baby is born. Having pre-prepared meals is a huge help when you are grappling with a newborn
Holly avatar Holly NSW, 1 kid in tow
December 26, 2019
Wonderful food
Tara  avatar Tara NSW, 1 kid in tow
December 20, 2019
Already a customer, meals are hit and miss, but very convenient to have
Thilini avatar Thilini NSW
December 12, 2019
Dinner Ladies are so helpful. Thank you for the $80 voucher. I don't have any time to cook anymore but they deliver fresh healthy food that I can just put in the oven and let it cook by itself. So healthy and natural just like a homecooked meal.
Bridey avatar Bridey NSW, 1 kid in tow
December 11, 2019
Delicious meals!
Cathy avatar Cathy NSW
December 7, 2019
Homecooked food for an affordable price! Delicious, love that I can have ready to go healthy meals in my freezer all the time.
Jessica avatar Jessica Vic, 1 kid in tow
December 4, 2019
Such great food and so convenient.
Sharon avatar Sharon NSW, 1 kid in tow
December 2, 2019
Love this company for convenient and tasty meals. Can't live without them!
Kara  avatar Kara Vic
December 1, 2019
I love that the bag included a voucher. I will be using this to kick start some meals for us in the first weeks after baby arrives. Also love that it looks homemade and authentic.
Angela avatar Angela NSW, 2 kids in tow
November 22, 2019
Love how convenient it is to order.
Tara avatar Tara NSW, 1 kid in tow
November 21, 2019
Hit and miss on the meals, some we love, some do not hit the mark on flavour. Definitely handy to have a few in the freezer for busy days, particularly after my return to work. Would love more vegetarian options
Karen avatar Karen NSW
November 14, 2019
Easy to use website, easy booking system and delivered when they said. Well packed frozen items. Received my gift card from voucher in baobag quickly. Would highly recommend and will use again.
Claudia  avatar Claudia Vic, 2 kids in tow
November 13, 2019
Will be using the voucher to order some dinners this week. With a baby and a 3 year old and going back to work next week I need all the help I can get when it comes to meal times

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