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A small versatile hook that can hang small items anywhere. Great for hanging car keys around the entrance, kitchen utensils in the kitchen or washing cloths in the shower. A small, strong hook that is easily re-positioned around the home or office has arrived. A revolutionary nano suction material that binds strongly to any smooth sealed surface such as tile, polished timber, stainless steel, glass, melamine and plastic are all perfect surfaces. Heat, water, sun and cold resistant i-hooks can be repositioned hundreds of times and washed if dirty. The i-hook Minis are a 4 pack of 1kgs of mini i-hooks. Great for storage of small items such as keys, kitchen utensils etc.

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Where to use

  • Tiles
  • Glass
  • Steel / Aluminium
  • Melamine
  • Plastic
  • Polished Timber

Size: 4.7cm x 4.7cm

Nadyne avatar Nadyne NSW, 1 kid in tow
January 23, 2020
Super easy to use and place on so many surfaces
Nicola avatar Nicola WA
January 13, 2020
I've put these in my nursery ready to hang out artwork. As we are renting, these are a great solution as they wont damage the walls and can be removed with relative ease.
Danielle avatar Danielle QLD
January 8, 2020
Surprisingly strong given how small they are - and so easy to use and remove. I had to move one and there was no make leftover
Hien  avatar Hien NSW
January 5, 2020
Nice as it's inconspicuous
Kara avatar Kara SA, 2 kids in tow
January 1, 2020
Has really helped me organise my bathroom - works well and was just what I needed.
Jennifer avatar Jennifer QLD
December 30, 2019
Easy to apply, remove, and useful for many rooms
Chanel avatar Chanel QLD
December 18, 2019
These stick to anything - so handy!
Louisa avatar Louisa WA, 2 kids in tow
December 14, 2019
Easy to fit and remove. Also like that they are clear and discreet
Lauren avatar Lauren SA
December 1, 2019
super easy and very strong
Caitlin avatar Caitlin NSW
November 30, 2019
I haven’t used this brand before but I’m excited to try it out! I’ve already bought so much stuff to hang up on baby girls walls and being in a rental property we need to make sure we don’t damage the walls so these are perfect! I also love that they are see through so you can’t really see them, such a bonus! I can’t wait to start setting up the nursery so I can try these out!
Vicki avatar Vicki SA
November 30, 2019
Couldnt believe i got these in the bag and they are so easy to use and have so many different uses. Love theses and will buy more.
Carly avatar Carly NSW
November 28, 2019
I have already used them to hang items in the nursery. Holds great!

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