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i Hook Mini Hook

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A small versatile hook that can hang small items anywhere. Great for hanging car keys around the entrance, kitchen utensils in the kitchen or washing cloths in the shower. A small, strong hook that is easily re-positioned around the home or office has arrived. A revolutionary nano suction material that binds strongly to any smooth sealed surface such as tile, polished timber, stainless steel, glass, melamine and plastic are all perfect surfaces. Heat, water, sun and cold resistant i-hooks can be repositioned hundreds of times and washed if dirty. The i-hook Minis are a 4 pack of 1kgs of mini i-hooks. Great for storage of small items such as keys, kitchen utensils etc.

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Where to use

  • Tiles
  • Glass
  • Steel / Aluminium
  • Melamine
  • Plastic
  • Polished Timber

Size: 4.7cm x 4.7cm

Mariana  avatar Mariana Qld, 2 kids in tow
November 14, 2019
Love it and have been using it in the bathroom to help store water toys
Yageshni  avatar Yageshni Vic, 1 kid in tow
November 9, 2019
Hubby used them immediately in our garage- he is auper happy with the ability to hold up.some of the heaviey items that the 3M product could not!
Nikia avatar Nikia WA, 2 kids in tow
November 8, 2019
Very easy and convenient to use
Olivia avatar Olivia Qld, 2 kids in tow
November 4, 2019
Very useful product for around the house. Will definitely be purchasing more from this company.
Megan avatar Megan NSW
November 1, 2019
Great for hanging things without damaging the wall.
Tracey avatar Tracey NSW
October 29, 2019
great idea
Sarah-Jayne avatar Sarah-Jayne Qld
October 29, 2019

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