Lansinoh Breastfeeding Pack

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Lansinoh® has been supporting breastfeeding for more than 30 years. Our Breastfeeding Sample Pack includes Nipple Balm, a Breastmilk Storage Bag and Nursing Pads

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Nipple Balm - Sore nipples are one of the most frequent discomforts during breastfeeding and are often a result of incorrect attachment. It is essential to address the underlying cause, and Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN is here to provide relief while you do so. Clinically proven to accelerate healing, Lansinoh® HPA® LANOLIN is so pure that there is no need to remove before breastfeeding.

Breastmilk Storage Bag - Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags are durable and leak-proof and ideal for storing expressed breastmilk in the fridge or freezer. They feature a secure double seal at the top to prevent spills and double-sealed side seams for strength. The bags are pre-sterilised and come with a hygienic, tamper evident secure tear-away top. Our bags are made from food safe polyethylene and are BPA and BPS free. The top of the bags form a handy, easy pour spout to minimise the chance of spills, and also feature a convenient write on tab to allow you to note the date of expression. For convenience they come in a “tissue pack” dispenser to keep bags clean and allow you to easily take them with you when you are on the go.

Nursing Pads - Lansinoh® ULTRA THIN, STAY DRY NURSING PADS with BLUE LOCK™ Core hold 20x their weight in moisture and have a unique waterproof layer to help you stay dry day or night. Lansinoh® ULTRA THIN, STAY DRY NURSING PADS are comfortable and stay securely in place with two non-slip adhesive tapes.

Claire avatar Claire VIC
June 1, 2020
Love the ointment on sore nipples.
Elyse avatar Elyse NSW, 2 kids in tow
May 18, 2020
Loved this product. The lanolin cream I purchased again as this was a lifesaver during those early breastfeeding days!
Kate avatar Kate NSW
May 16, 2020
The best nipple cream! You dont need to wipe off for feeds and is really soothing. Would recommend!
Rebecca avatar Rebecca NSW, 1 kid in tow
May 6, 2020
I've found Lansinoh to be very effective in calming and conditioning sore nipples - I would definitely purchase again should I need it.
Surya avatar Surya VIC, 2 kids in tow
April 27, 2020
Fix my cracked nipple after 1 day use
Jacqui avatar Jacqui NSW
April 24, 2020
The nipple cream is fantastic and highly recommended. It repaired my cracked nipples very quickly which enabled me to continue breastfeeding.
Sabine avatar Sabine NSW
April 22, 2020
I love Lansinoh, it really saved my nipples. Great product!
Ali avatar Ali NT
April 21, 2020
Best brand of breastfeeding products on the market
Leanne avatar Leanne NSW
April 15, 2020
Saved my life when baby started feeding
Lyn avatar Lyn NSW, 2 kids in tow
April 6, 2020
Wow, the cream is the greatest. Life saver
Rhianna avatar Rhianna SA, 2 kids in tow
April 3, 2020
Lansinoh is a life saver no product compares when coming to care for breastfeeding
Rachael avatar Rachael QLD
April 3, 2020
Fabulous product! Lifesaver! Or more accurately a nipple saver
Beverley  avatar Beverley NT
March 31, 2020
Really good product eased off my pain in a day
Elvina avatar Elvina VIC
February 18, 2020
Very comfortable and reliable! Every breastfeeding mum needs this!
Candice avatar Candice QLD, 3 kids in tow
February 13, 2020
Lansinoh have the most effective nipple cream. It works so quickly, and isn’t required to be removed before breastfeeding. It is extremely quick and easy and effective. I love it.
Kelly avatar Kelly NSW, 2 kids in tow
February 12, 2020
A lovely company with products that work very well. Their cream for sore nipples has been a life saver for me.

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