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  • Little Bellies we are passionate about providing healthy, delicious, organic foods for babies & toddlers. Founded by two brothers, with 7 young children between us, we believe in using wholesome organic ingredients to create foods that are nutritionally dense without adding unnecessary sugar or salt. Our passion for organic foods was born from the desire to feed our families nothing but the best quality food, free from artificial additives, herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. Our foods are created to allow young children to experience new tastes & textures while encouraging development, such as self-feeding. Our children continue to be our source of inspiration.
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Little Bellies Baby Puffs are a fun and friendly first snack food. Babies as young as 9 months will love the rich (and real) carrot taste and the melt-in-the-mouth softness, and the small size and easy-to-hold shape mean they’ll enjoy trying to feed themselves, too. Gluten-free, low in sugar and salt, and enriched with iron and vitamin B1, these puffs are also a very healthy and nutritious treat.

Little Bellies Round-a-Bouts are a safe snack that even very young children can enjoy eating on their own. The large rings catch attention and encourage exploration and self-feeding, while the naturally sweet corn taste will keep them coming back for more. Round-a-Bouts are Certified Organic, gluten-free, low salt/low sugar, and enriched with vitamin B1 and the developmentally important mineral iron.

Little Bellies Gingerbread: These delicious gingerbread men are just the right size for toddlers’ tiny hands and mouths. Naturally sweetened with grape juice, the wholegrain biscuits are a healthy treat for the holidays or anytime of the year.

Rosanna avatar Rosanna , 1 kid in tow
March 15, 2019
Sheridan avatar Sheridan , 2 kids in tow
February 27, 2019
Easy on the go snack
Janina avatar Janina , 2 kids in tow
December 29, 2018
one of mine loved this, the other didn't so much
Susan avatar Susan , 1 kid in tow
December 22, 2018
I have a very picky child, if he love it then that’s a good sign and we are definitely going to more this product
Natalie avatar Natalie , 2 kids in tow
December 21, 2018
My toddler loved this
Tiffany avatar Tiffany , 1 kid in tow
December 20, 2018
Not healthy enough for me
Hiromi avatar Hiromi , 1 kid in tow
December 19, 2018
I did not receive this in the packet.
Sarah avatar Sarah , 2 kids in tow
December 19, 2018
have used before and will again
Imogen  avatar Imogen , 1 kid in tow
December 15, 2018
My son loves these and has been a customer for a while. I use this as a bribe to stay in the trolley at the supermarket!
Sonja avatar Sonja , 3 kids in tow
December 15, 2018
Kids love the crunch of this and it's much better than chips!
Miriam  avatar Miriam , 1 kid in tow
December 15, 2018
My child loved it.
Alison avatar Alison , 2 kids in tow
December 14, 2018
Nice texture, light and not filling, kids love it
kristie avatar kristie , 3 kids in tow
December 12, 2018
handy to have on hand
Danielle avatar Danielle , 2 kids in tow
December 11, 2018
the kids love the gingerbread men
Benjamin avatar Benjamin , 1 kid in tow
December 11, 2018
Our daughter also found these delicious so will definitely purchase again
Karen avatar Karen , 1 kid in tow
December 11, 2018
Finger size food for children to pick up

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