Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty - Les Pachats Activity Cloud

There’s so much to explore with this lovely toy. It is made from soft white fabric and shaped like a cloud with a sweet sleepy face. Attached is a small mirror and little yellow mouse that makes a crinkly sound when touched, a pink bird which rattles when touched and a soft furry star which when pulled plays a soothing and comforting lullaby. A handy velcro loop can be attached to and prams so they can join your little ones on their first outings.


Les Pachats is a collection for both boys and girls that regroups a gang of cuddly, mischievous tom cats. Deceptively well-behaved, the three toms squat in a cosy, elegant apartment and spend their time snatching the odd fish, bird or mouse to take as their pets.

A chic, refined, couture collection that is focused on decoration. Many items in the range come with an illustrated, stylish gift box, that gives the collection its specific character.

A harmony of pastel colours, that are luminous and very now. Subtle pastel tints of cream, turquoise and mauve, highlighted with a touch of acid green.

The variety of fabrics and textures used make for a rich collection. The soft velour is associated with:
– extremely soft two-tone furs that shine
– herringbone patterned knit
– two types of poplin: flowery and patterned
– polka dot and striped jersey
– striped brushed cotton

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