Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty - Les Papoum Lion Comforter with Teether

The lion comforter with teething ring from Moulin Roty’s new ‘Les Papoum’ range would be lovely for either a girl or a boy. The teething ring is stitched into the ‘blanket’ body component of the comforter and the comforter also comes with a strap to keep baby’s pacifier close at hand (the strap is fastened with velcro).


The Lion comforter is made from a variety of fabrics – velour, super soft and spongy terry velvet with touches of cotton, jersey and corduroy. Lion’s main is backed with a patterned cotton and on the 2 bottom corners of the comforter blanket is a crisp piece of knotted cotton – perfect for little fingers to play with.

(Please note that the Lion comforter is not a doll – only the head, arms and feet are filled.)

Comforters are a perfect gift for a newborn or young child. They have been found to help an infant feel safe and secure during times of stress and change or times of separation, such as bedtime or day care. Easy to grasp and hold, and providing a wide range of materials for little fingers to discover, the comforter will become a much loved companion.

‘Les Papoum’ range was introduced by Moulin Roty mid 2015 and centres around 3 main characters – the hippo, the lion and the elephant. The range draws its inspiration from a Savannah that is lush with watering holes, rich vegetation and gentle breezes. Earthy neutral colour tones highlighted with warm ochre yellow, saffron and coral make it a range that will suit either a girl or a boy and would sit well in with any nursery setting.

Designed by Moulin Roty, France

Size: 24 cm

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