Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty - Voyage D'Olga Josephine Dream Catcher

Moulin Roty’s Le Voyage d’Olga Josephine Dream Catcher provides a brightly coloured focal point for your little one with the gentle ambience of the gracious whale Josephine, to provide comfort to any little one.


Hang it from the wall or from the ceiling, this dream-catcher will bring a touch of fantasy to your nursery and will help him/her to fall asleep gently. The wooden circle is decorated with colourful wooden beads and small fish. Hung above baby’s cot, the attractive colours will captivate baby and stimulate his/her vision.

Seeing the friendly Josephine Dream Catcher can be comforting to any little one and the beautiful Josephine can provide comfort and a sense of company.

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