Multi-Mam Compress

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Multi-Mam Compresses give direct relief for the discomforts experienced by breastfeeding mothers (such as pain, swelling and sensitivity). These individual compresses create moist healing conditions, prevent infection and condition the nipple area.

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Intensive nipple treatment for breastfeeding mothers:

  • Has a direct soothing effect on sore nipples
  • Prevents infection (mastitis)
  • Supports the natural healing process
  • Gel is natural, safe and harmless when swallowed
Rajini avatar Rajini SA
October 16, 2019
When mothers start to breast feed they often endure breast tenderness and discomfort which tends to ruin the beautiful aspect of feeding your baby. The Multi Mam Compresses eases the discomfort you feel which is tremendously helpful when trying to have a positive experience. A major positive I found with this product is the gel is completely natural and will cause no harm to your baby which is something ever mother wants to hear. I highly recommend this product as it is extremely effective and will make your life alot easier.
Alex avatar Alex WA
October 15, 2019
These were a lifesaver for me. FTM and new to breast feeding, my nipples no longer feel like they are on fire and has given me the chance to continue with breast feeding.
Aline avatar Aline SA
October 13, 2019
Save my breast! In the firsts 4 days breastfeeding I was almost to stop and give my baby a bother and I was crying when the midwife tell me about the mam compress and my husband bought and I used, just amazing! Was like give new life to my breast
Camilla  avatar Camilla Vic
October 11, 2019
This worked like a charm on my cracked nipples
Agnes avatar Agnes Vic, 4 kids in tow
October 3, 2019
Best nipple soothers on the market
Ljubica avatar Ljubica NSW, 1 kid in tow
October 3, 2019
Very effective
Tarni avatar Tarni Qld
September 29, 2019
I am looking forward to using Multi-Mam Compress. I received some samples and have heard amazing things from friends who use the products and they cannot recommend them enough. I am looking forward to using their products.
Chloe avatar Chloe Qld, 2 kids in tow
September 28, 2019
Vital with my first baby due to feeding issues. Extremely cracked and bleeding nipples. The midwife suggested my husband purchase some ASAP and they were a life saver. I was certainly not prepared for that kind of pain. I have them ready to go for baby no 2 in 7 weeks
Meiben Lettrisse Anne avatar Meiben Lettrisse Anne WA
September 19, 2019
This is amazing! I love how it's gentle and safe for me and my baby. It's really helpful to have a compress that can help ease the pain of breastfeeding without the worries of harming your child. Thank you!
Angela  avatar Angela NSW, 3 kids in tow
September 18, 2019
Ohhhhh I love love love these and buy every new mum friend a box or two!
Michelle avatar Michelle Vic, 2 kids in tow
September 12, 2019
great help in early weeks
Kinal avatar Kinal SA, 2 kids in tow
September 10, 2019
Excellent product
Carmelina  avatar Carmelina NSW, 2 kids in tow
September 9, 2019
Will be buying it
Nenia avatar Nenia Qld, 2 kids in tow
September 4, 2019
tess avatar tess SA, 1 kid in tow
August 30, 2019
These were the absolute best! I used them with my first baby and they were a lifesaver. I would have given up breastfeeding without them. Will definitely be using again.
Anna avatar Anna Vic
August 29, 2019
These were very soothing in managing cracked and grazed nipples. Would highly recommend.

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