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Multix resealable and reusable Sandwich Bags.

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Freezer safe, microwave safe, food safe & BPA free.18.5cm x 17cm.

Jiwon avatar Jiwon NSW, 2 kids in tow
December 4, 2019
cleaning it was a bit cumbersome but considering the environment these days I think I will be using more of this product.
Jade avatar Jade NSW, 1 kid in tow
December 3, 2019
This was an absolute game changer. My boyfriend puts his lunch in a (large) sandwich bag every day so it doesn't spill/leak on his journey to work which is so wasteful. We aren't environmentalists but plastic nowadays is frowned upon by so much of society any less we can contribute is appreciated. The concept of this is great however it is too small, i'd like larger versions to be available to store a tupperware or similar style food. The concept is amazing, it is really durable and easily washable. I would suggest the design of the bag itself should be more reflective of the eco status, e.g. change it to green not red and have icons for reusable all over it so its really clear. My boyfriend ended up just throwing it away because he didn't realise it could be reused. Cleaner, simple yet reflective of its sustainability in its design i think will make this really stand out on the shelves at the supermarket too. I dont know the price point but i would hope it is not too expensive, i would expect to pay $1 per bag at most and be able to buy in bulk. I would also be intrigued as to whether they are developing a silicone version as that seems to be the direction all other reusable bag companies are going?
Gia avatar Gia NSW, 1 kid in tow
November 27, 2019
Love it. It's robust and tough enough to be reused plenty of times and easy to clean
Sara avatar Sara Qld, 1 kid in tow
November 25, 2019
Love this product! I was just looking for a reusable sandwich bag and intend to buy more at the next grocery shop!
Alice avatar Alice Vic, 1 kid in tow
November 22, 2019
What a fantastic product - I always feel bad for using single use sandwich bags, but it is so much more convenient than a container sometimes. This is great will definitely get more.
Vishal avatar Vishal Vic, 1 kid in tow
November 14, 2019
Very strong and durable
Taryn  avatar Taryn NSW, 2 kids in tow
November 14, 2019
Great environmentally friendly product
Katherine  avatar Katherine Vic, 2 kids in tow
November 14, 2019
Great way to minimise waste. And daughter is starting school next year so will be handy.
Claudia  avatar Claudia Vic, 2 kids in tow
November 13, 2019
Perfect to pack snacks for my three year old when she goes to kinder. It’s great that it can be reused so there’s no waste. This is also teaching her about recycling.
Holly avatar Holly NSW, 1 kid in tow
November 12, 2019
I really appreciate the premise of these - I love that you can put them in the dishwasher - a total gamechanger and so important to create more multi use products.
Clare avatar Clare NSW, 2 kids in tow
November 11, 2019
I am really impressed multix have moved towards reuseable products. I appreciate the durability of these bags and ease of washing in dishwasher
Tanya avatar Tanya NSW, 1 kid in tow
November 9, 2019
Brilliant we are trying to reduce plastic and I didn't know this existed
Lauren avatar Lauren NSW, 1 kid in tow
November 6, 2019
Great to have an easily accessible company thinking reusable! Often reusables have to be purchased online.
Anelise avatar Anelise NSW, 2 kids in tow
November 6, 2019
Very thick material, easy to close and I like it can stand
Amy avatar Amy NSW, 2 kids in tow
November 6, 2019
This is a great product to help reduce waste in our household
Ranjit avatar Ranjit NSW, 2 kids in tow
November 5, 2019
This looks great, i can not wait to use it. Eliminates the plastic wrap, so definitely a winner for me

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