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Australia's best pet food delivery service. Pet Circle delivers all premium dog and cat food brands plus medications, toys, accessories and treats. Read reviews from Australian parents below.

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Pet Circle is more than just an online pet supplies company.

They are an Australian online pet store that understands that your pets deserve the best. That's why they stock premium and quality dog food and cat food from brands like Royal Canin, Advance, Black Hawk, Pro Plan, Canidae, Eukanuba, Ivory Coat, and Hills Science Diet.

Pet Circle aims to make buying pet supplies and pet food online easy and convenient with free shipping in metro areas, our price match guarantee, honest and expert advice from our qualified customer service team, and fast, nationwide delivery direct to your door.

Pet Circle has the world's most trusted and recognised brands to help you nourish your pet's bodies and minds.

Reviews are important, so find out what other mums and dads have to say below.

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Bettina avatar Bettina SA, 2 kids in tow
December 29, 2018
In our very pet friendly home we will be taking advantage of this awesome gift of $20, as you all know babies arn't cheap and every little bit helps to support a family.
Shanae avatar Shanae Qld, 1 kid in tow
December 24, 2018
Don’t own a pet and have never heard of the brand. More marketing may be useful; however, the voucher included in this pack is a great incentive.
Kate avatar Kate Vic, 1 kid in tow
December 20, 2018
Such a fantastic range of products including products for my beloved backyard chooks!
Sassha avatar Sassha NSW, 4 kids in tow
December 18, 2018
Easy website fast delivery
Alyssa avatar Alyssa Vic, 1 kid in tow
December 13, 2018
We don't currently have any pets but this is a great deal!
Talia avatar Talia ACT, 1 kid in tow
December 10, 2018
I love Pet Circle. So convenient, well priced and fast shipping!
Roxahn avatar Roxahn WA, 1 kid in tow
December 8, 2018
Wide range of products and competitive prices
Rheannen avatar Rheannen NSW, 2 kids in tow
December 7, 2018
I have used pet circle in the past and intend to use them again. Their free shipping for purchases over$100 is also extremely helpful.
Denise avatar Denise SA, 2 kids in tow
December 1, 2018
We don’t have any pets - the $20 voucher is a great way to encourage new customers though. I’ll pass my voucher onto my sister who has a pet chihuahua.
Joelle avatar Joelle WA, 2 kids in tow
November 29, 2018
We don’t have any pets at home but will pass on voucher to a neighbour.
Joelene avatar Joelene NSW, None kids in tow
November 28, 2018
I order my dog food and other supplies from pet circle regularly! So convenient having it straight at my door and can buy in bulk :)
Caroline avatar Caroline Vic, 3 kids in tow
November 27, 2018
Don’t stock particular metabolic dog food my dog needs
Yvette avatar Yvette WA, 1 kid in tow
October 30, 2018
Such an awesome site, very affordable
nova avatar nova SA, 1 kid in tow
October 29, 2018
pet food delivered is always better for us
Michelle avatar Michelle SA, 1 kid in tow
October 29, 2018
Strange to have this is baby bag but very handy as we have two dogs that need some extra attention since baby has arrived.
Ioana avatar Ioana SA, None kids in tow
October 28, 2018
Very promp deliveries and very affordable products compared to stores. I intend to purchase all the pets' Christmas presents from here.

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