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Utilising Australia’s first Non-Adhesive Core Pad Technology, Lovekins Ultra-Thin Night Pads are made with luxuriously soft Australian Cotton woven into breathable layers for exceptional comfort. Read reviews from Australian parents.

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Natural + Organic + Australian

  • 0.1cm Ultra Thin Pad
  • Extra breathable layers to stay fresh and dry
  • Flexi-bod contoured design for the perfect fit
  • Multi layer backing and secured wings for leak control
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

Lovekins' vision is to improve the health and happiness of women, mother and babies by empowering them with premium Australian products they can trust.

  • Australian made using native botanical ingredients
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or animal by-products
  • Genuine and authentic brand story and products
  • Vegan Australia Certified and Allergy Certified
  • Approved by Safety Cosmetic Australia
  • Lovekins continues product innovations and research

Tiguidan  avatar Tiguidan QLD, 2 kids in tow
July 12, 2020
Very comfortable
Di avatar Di QLD, 1 kid in tow
July 8, 2020
Its the thinnest pad Ive ever used and it makes me feel supported.
Leanne avatar Leanne NSW, 2 kids in tow
July 7, 2020
Soft, good coverage post partum
Madison  avatar Madison VIC, 2 kids in tow
July 6, 2020
Really like, very thin and comfortable
Rebecca avatar Rebecca NSW, 3 kids in tow
July 1, 2020
Nice and soft
Stacey avatar Stacey WA, 1 kid in tow
June 23, 2020
So comfy I dont even notice Im wearing them, much better than the thick chunky maternity pads that over brands offer
Nicole avatar Nicole NSW, 2 kids in tow
June 15, 2020
Lovekins brand is amazing I love that its all natural
Natalie Lambert  avatar Natalie Lambert NSW, None kids in tow
June 13, 2020
These pads are very soft and comfortable to use.
Melinda  avatar Melinda QLD, 4 kids in tow
May 28, 2020
Very nice comfortable fit will be buying in future
Miranda  avatar Miranda TAS
May 25, 2020
Very comfortable, you hardly know you have them on. I love how breathable they are as most pads make me feel hot and uncomfortable. Great for sensitive skin, though down there only deserves sensitive after having a baby. Be kind to those lady bits women !! Will purchase this product and gift one to my new mummy friend.
Naomi avatar Naomi QLD
May 16, 2020
Soft and comfortable. Good size.
Rachael avatar Rachael WA
May 12, 2020
Love love love this product! So long and thin.
Stephanie avatar Stephanie VIC
May 9, 2020
They are a nice length and very soft :)
Mei avatar Mei QLD
May 9, 2020
Nice quality. Doesn't cause irritation. Feels like I was barely wearing anything
Jessica avatar Jessica QLD
May 8, 2020
Thin and subtle - I rarely noticed I was even wearing a pad! A clever design.
Billie avatar Billie QLD, 3 kids in tow
May 6, 2020
Helpful in those heavy early days. Long and fits well

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