Wean Meister

Wean Meister Easy Rinse Baby Bibs - Funky Fox Pink and Peach

Say "hello" to the best bibs in the world! The silicon material feels like silk, so comfortable for your hungry monkeys to wear. Rogue food is captured in the genius tray. Wash it any which way you like. Did we mention that these Wean Meister Bibs are super-cute too?!?


Light weight and unrestrictive: Won’t Get In Your Baby’s Way!

Easy to clean: Easy Rinse Bibs Are Bacteria Resistant

Waterproof: Protects Clothes From Food And Drink

Crumb tray: Catches Food, Gives Your Baby A Second Chance To Eat!

Durable: Resists Scratches And Stains

Dishwasher safe: Print Will Not Wash Off

Soft and smooth to touch: Incredibly Comfy To Wear

Adjustable neck: Easily Fits 6 Months To 3 Years

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