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4.4from 59 reviews

Swisse Biostime Infant Probiotic - Reviews

Kids didnt even notice they had taken it. Billie QLD, 3 kids in tow
I'm a huge fan of probiotics, and use them therapeutically all the time for my family. Great to see another brand that is baby safe. Nadine NSW, 3 kids in tow
Helped with my baby gassy stomach Surya VIC, 2 kids in tow
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3.8from 521 reviews

Bio Island Bio Island Super C Chews - Reviews

They don't taste great but my boys are happy to eat one a day, so we'll probably keep buying, they seem so healthy. Silvina Qld, 2 kids in tow
Perfect Mohadeseh NSW, 1 kid in tow
Gave one to my 3 year old son & he loved it. This is great During the winter mOnthsWill be buying again definitely Emma Vic, 2 kids in tow
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4.2from 136 reviews

Ethical Nutrients Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Probiotic - Reviews

Don't really see the need for probiotics in babies June QLD, 2 kids in tow
I love probiotics, so great for the microbiome that's getting established ☺️ Amanda NSW, 3 kids in tow
Probiotics are a big must in my house and this is the brand we all use Sigrid WA, 2 kids in tow
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