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Cosmetic Kohl Eye Pencil

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Creamy and rich kohl pencils are beautifully soft to apply to the eye.

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These creamy and rich kohl pencils are beautifully soft to apply to the eye, yet offer great definition that doesn't bleed. Providing a strong payoff that is true to colour, the longwear pencils have been formulated with skin-loving ingredients like Cocoa and Shea Butter which wont irriate eye lids. Free of talcs, bismuth and parabens. CCF and Vegan Certified.

DB sells over 2 million products each year in over 4,000 pharmacies across Australia, cementing their place as a pioneer in the area of quality affordable makeup. DB prides itself on the fact that all products are free of nasties such as parabens, talc and bismuth. On top of that, DB have also obtained Vegan and Cruelty Free Certifications across the entire makeup range.

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Ashlee avatar Ashlee Qld Mum of 1
February 2, 2018
I found the range of colours fantastic and was surprised at how cheap they are. A great product at a fantastic price - can’t go wrong!
Tahlia avatar Tahlia Vic Mum of 1
February 2, 2018
Never used this brand but im eager to use it as i have heard great things about it.
Ellie avatar Ellie WA Mum of 2
February 2, 2018
The eyeliner is amazing
Kristen  avatar Kristen WA Mum of None
February 2, 2018
Quality and well priced. Kohl is a staple in my makeup bag. This new pencil will take the place of my now quite short one!
Natasha  avatar Natasha WA Mum of 2
February 3, 2018
Love All DB products! Affordable yet quality products ! Especially love their mascara and mineral powder!
Stephenie avatar Stephenie WA Mum of 3
February 3, 2018
Liked this - did not irritate which is most important. Appreciated this was in the pack!
Ineke avatar Ineke SA Mum of 1
February 3, 2018
Have just realised this is the same as I have already been using. I love the built in sharpener.
Danielle avatar Danielle SA Mum of 1
February 4, 2018
Pleasantly surprised when I was instore and saw how affordable this product was
Andreea avatar Andreea NSW Mum of None yet - I am pregnant
February 4, 2018
Perfect eyeliner, what a nice surprise to find it in the Bao Bag
Tiana avatar Tiana Vic Mum of None
February 4, 2018
Great eyeline use all the time.

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