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Jack N Jill Natural Teething Gel | Reviews by Australian Parents

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Natural relief for your little one from the discomfort of teething

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A soothing formula containing chamomile & calendula with a mild natural vanilla flavour - yum!

Amanda avatar Amanda ACT, 2 kids in tow
September 1, 2020
Love their range and its standout packaging makes it easy to find
Bianca avatar Bianca QLD, 3 kids in tow
August 20, 2020
Love jack'n'jill! A classic example of making something that could be unpleasant, pretty tasty! Definitely helps during a tough time.
Rebecca avatar Rebecca WA, 1 kid in tow
August 13, 2020
Good instant relief
Nicole avatar Nicole WA, 1 kid in tow
August 13, 2020
I love this natural alternative to medicated teething gel.
Erin avatar Erin QLD, 1 kid in tow
July 20, 2020
Have used and works well
Jacinta avatar Jacinta QLD, 1 kid in tow
July 7, 2020
A god send now that my baby has started teething. I find it gives her comfort and I would rather use this than panadol all of the time
Jackie  avatar Jackie NSW, 1 kid in tow
June 29, 2020
Super effective
Stephanie  avatar Stephanie VIC, 1 kid in tow
June 25, 2020
Really good baby loves the taste
Kylie avatar Kylie NSW, 1 kid in tow
June 25, 2020
This teething gel was easy to apply and my little one was happy with the taste. It was a relief to find a teething gel that could provide quick comfort.
Natalie Lambert  avatar Natalie Lambert NSW, None kids in tow
June 13, 2020
Why didn't I find you earlier. My bub likes it better than bonjela. This is such a better brand and healthier for my bub to ingest. I will buy again soon. Highly recommend
Sarah avatar Sarah QLD
May 15, 2020
Natural and the teething gel works wonders!

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