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Reusable Breast Milk / Food Storage

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These are not just another breast milk bag, they are an innovative and clever buy. Cherub Baby Thermo Sensor breast milk storage bags not only allows you to store your milk in a 100% BPA free breast milk bag, but the colour change key on the milk bag tells you when your breast milk is at the correct temperature to serve.

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Each breast milk container is pre-sterilised and has heat treated seams, ensuring maximum hygiene. The leak proof zip lock ensures that every breast milk storage container is fully reusable and resealable. Each breast milk storage bag also includes an easy-to-read measuring scale and labelling area to make your life just that bit easier. Your breast milk is precious, so buy the milk container you know you can trust.

Emma avatar Emma TAS, 1 kid in tow
April 27, 2020
Love these! I used them so often with my first baby. As I love making my own puree and yogurt, these were fantastic to load up and take on the go for feeding. Also, really easy to clean, and I love that they are resuable. I
Alysha avatar Alysha NSW
April 2, 2020
Such a great idea that I would never have come across. I used it for food storage and it was so convenient.
Jacqui avatar Jacqui QLD, 2 kids in tow
March 19, 2020
I have really enjoyed using the reusable food storage. I often use these for purees and yoghurt for my two kids and prefer to use items that are re-usable rather than one-time use.
Nerida avatar Nerida VIC, 3 kids in tow
March 8, 2020
I thought these were a great idea, however they were a little awkward to use and resulted in some spillage of my 'liquid gold' breastmilk so I didn't enjoy using them as much as I thought I would
Ben avatar Ben VIC
February 11, 2020
Strong integrity of the bags is useful, slightly difficult to seal though
stephanie avatar stephanie QLD, 2 kids in tow
February 10, 2020
good quality

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