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Five tips to help you get out of the house on time with twins, triplets and more!

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Remember those days pre-kids when you decided to go out at the last minute. All you had to do is check you have your phone, keys, wallet and sunglasses. You could literally be out of the house in 3 minutes.

And then you had twins, triplets or more!

Types of Twins

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Twins can either be identical (monozygotic), meaning they develop from a single fertilised egg which splits and forms two embryos. Or they can be fraternal (dizygotic) which means that each embryo has developed from a separate egg and separate sperm.

There were 4,497 sets of twins born in Australia in 2016. Approximately one-third of twins are identical and the remaining two-thirds are fraternal twins.

Tummy Time

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From the minute our babies are born we hear the words “how much tummy time has little Billy done” and we often look at the floor and feel the guilt knowing that little Billy hates tummy time and has spent minimal time on his tummy.

So why is tummy time important?

BreastFeeding & Mastitis

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Mastitis is not nice to have, but there are some things to look out for to hopefully prevent it. Move for Better Health in Adelaide has some good advice.

Exercise After Pregnancy

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Exercising is not just about getting your body back into shape after pregnancy. It's good for well-being, it's a great way to meet other mums and it's a good incentive to get out and about with your baby.

8 Big Reasons why you should consider Babywearing!

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If you haven't tried it, we think you will by the end of this article.

My Struggle with Postnatal Depression

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Sometimes things don't go as planned when you first have your baby. It can be incredibly difficult. Postnatal depression affects many mums and its good to share our stories and give each other support.

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